Let us expand your ability to explore the universe at Cosmos Tenerife!

“We are the means for the Universe to become conscious of itself”, Julian Huxley.

The 20th century advances in astronomy and science gave us a new conscience of ourself thanks to our seemingly miraculous ability to make sense of the universe.
The cosmos teaches us things and in the process we advance our society and thereby pave the way for the future, space exploration is just one example.
When we are looking up at the stars we are receiving those messages which are telling us were we came from.
We now understand the very structure of the universe on a scale of billionth the size of an atom or 10 trillionth time the size of our solar system…

Let us expand your ability to explore the universe : we, at Cosmos Tenerife are here to fill your eyes and awake your curiosity with outstanding views of planets, star clusters and the farthest galaxies, such as you have never seen them before!

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