First Total Lunar Eclipse for 2019 visible from Tenerife!

Dear lucky holliday makers in the Canaries Island, this very Monday morning 21st of January you will be spoiled with the first total lunar eclipse of the year 2019!

However be prepared for an early morning show as totality will happen at 0441 (UTC), 0551 local Tenerife time !

Below, you will find the timing for the various phases of the total lunar eclipse :

At the moment of totality the Moon will be visible in the west at about mid-height above the horizon and its duration will last about an hour, notice its unusual orange color !


An illustration of the configuration that produces a total lunar eclipse. The moon is the faint sphere within the dark cone behind Earth.

Credit : Nasa

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like waking up in the middle of the night in Europe,  you can check the following link to the “Virtual Telescope” in Italy who will broadcast in Live this beautiful astronomical event from 03:30 UTC time:



Enjoy the show, you don’t need any telescope to watch it !